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Teamwork TIPs the Scale

TIP the Scale is very much a community effort aimed at involving parents in changing local attitudes and behaviors to prevent underage alcohol use. The Iroquois-Kankakee Regional Office of Education (I-KAN) and the Juvenile Justice Council of Iroquois County have been awarded a Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnership for Success grant from the Illinois Department of Human Services to reduce underage drinking in Iroquois County. The grant is based on results from the 2014 Illinois Youth Survey that showed that 8th, 10th, and 12th graders in Iroquois County reported higher than the state average past 30-day alcohol consumption.

Through this grant, I-KAN also received funds for prevention education programs to be implemented in 7th and 8th grades, as well as in high school health classes at our Iroquois County schools.  This will allow us to build on all of the work that the Life Education Center Wise High program has done in educating Kindergarten through 6th graders in making healthy and wise lifestyle decisions.

Grant Information: This campaign is supported by the Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnerships for Success Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance No. 93.243 funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration through a grant administered by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Iroquois-Kankakee Regional Office of Education

The I-KAN Regional Office of Education is proud and excited to partner with the Juvenile Justice Council of Iroquois County to combat underage drinking in Iroquois County. Together, we are bringing additional community members together to address underage drinking. Many times, one organization or sector of the community is asked to address an issue such as this, but the power here is that multiple agencies, groups and organizations are coming together to address alcohol use at the community level. A sampling of involvement includes school officials, law enforcement, probation, youth, parents, faith-based groups, media, healthcare, mental health care providers and public health agencies. The commitment from the community has been exceptional.

Together we will work with and through parents and other caring adults to share a common message of prevention. We know that a teenage lifestyle that avoids alcohol and other drugs sets youth up for success.

This Partnership for Success grant enables Iroquois County providers, parents and organizations to come together and choose how to best address the issue of underage drinking in Iroquois County. We can make community level changes that will outlast any grant or funding opportunity.

Regional Superintendent
I-KAN Regional Office of Education

Barb King

Juvenile Justice Councils were created in Illinois to bring stakeholders together promoting interagency communication and cooperation. These Councils are also tasked with assessing county juvenile delinquency issues and providing direction, guidance, and programming to fill service gaps whenever necessary.

Under the direction of State's Attorney Jim Devine, the Juvenile Justice Council (JJC) of Iroquois County began in 2004 with a mission to work collaboratively to solve problems related to Iroquois County youth and their families with an emphasis on prevention, community involvement and improvement of the quality of life for all Iroquois County families. The first of many successful endeavors for this council was the creation of a local Teen Court program. Over the years the JJC has also co-sponsored several teen/parent training and helped fund delinquency prevention programs in all areas of Iroquois County. The JJC meets quarterly to conduct stakeholder assessments of issues youth are experiencing on an everyday basis.

The Juvenile Justice Council is committed to keeping Iroquois County a safe place for parents to raise their children. We will continue to work as a team to deter/ prevent juvenile delinquency.

Iroquois County Probation Department, JJC Chairperson

Youth Prevention Education/Life Education Center

Since 1998, the Life Education Center has been working with the schools, families and community members in Iroquois County to help our youth make healthy lifestyle choices. For 20 years, our Kindergarten through elementary school Wise Highs program has been encouraging students to "choose wise highs, choices you can live with."

We are very excited about growing our prevention efforts to now also include 7th and 8th graders, as well as high school students.  Implementation of Too Good for Drugs in the junior high schools and Project Towards No Drug Abuse in the high schools will enable Iroquois County educators to enhance critical skills taught in the mobile Life Education unit.

Classroom instruction is only one piece of successful prevention. Parents, along with other family and community members are also essential partners in our efforts. We look forward to new opportunities for greater community involvement and working with even more individuals from across all sectors of the county to TIP the scale and reduce underage alcohol use.

Director of Life Education Programs
Iroquois-Kankakee Regional Office of Education

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